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Guidelines for Submitting a Blog

1) Contemporary Topics

All blogs for contemporary topics for WeLoveAdler.net must be drafted by writers with a basic familiary in the theories of Individual Psychology. Bloggers who are self taught in Individual Psychology are welcome. Preferred blogs will include at least one direct quote from Alfred Adler. Please cite your source when submitting your blog.

You may submit articles of up to 1,000 words in length. Photos, (no files larger than 200 kilobytes), properly credited, may also be submitted.

Please also provide your full name and a brief summary of your experience in Individual Psychology.

WeLoveAdler.net reserves the right to edit for grammar and readability, but not for editorial opinions. You may reuse materials that you have published in WeLoveAdler.net, but please do note that they appeared here first.

Please submit your blog as a Word or text attachment to: EarlyMemories@WeLoveAdler.net. You will be notified if your blog is published.

2) Early Memory Submissions

Feel free to submit any early memories. As we receive many comments on each memory, only a few comments will be posted. To be posted, comments must show a respect for the individual whose memory is being interpreted.

Email your blog today to WeLoveAdler.net.
(Or write to earlymemories@weloveadler.net)