Soul Metaphors: Contents


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Soul Metaphors: The Art of Early Memory Interpretation

Forward and Dedication

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The people portrayed in this book are real. Names and certain details have been changed to protect their anonymity.


Part I: Exploring Early Memories

1. Why Care About Alfred Adler?
2. You Are a Unity
3. Lifestyle Interpretation of Arthur
4. Approaches to Problem Solving: The Lost Teddy Bear
5. A Moral Yardstick
6. Relationships with Others: The Desert Island
7. Nurture and Notion
8. Thoughts in Early Memories: The Rocket Scientist
9. Teasing Out the Feelings: Spilled Milk
10. Striving for Superiority
11. Motion and Activity Level in Memories: Sledding
12. Dream Interpretation: Adler’s Way
13. Compound Memories: Piecing Together the Story
14. Introduction to Drawing the Graph of Life
15. Delving into Your Earliest Memory

Part II: Drawing the Graph of Life

16. Adlerian Theory and the Lifestyle Interpretation
17. Sample Lifestyle Interview: Sharon
18. Lifestyle Interview Questions
19. Sample Lifestyle Interview: Gary
20. Seven Tips for Conducting Effective Lifestyle Interviews
21. Interpreting Autobiographies
22. Where Do You Go from Here?
23. Venues for Lifestyle Interpretation
24. Peering Through the Telescope: Conclusions
Afterword: Why Adler Never Published His Method

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